In the context of a modern knowledge-based society and economy, knowledge transfer is understood as the efficient transmission of ideas, practices, technologies and innovative research results. This transfer is done in a multilateral, bi-directional manner, between hospitals and the general health sector, universities, research organizations, businesses, investors and the community at large. Such transfer, when performed in an efficient and active manner, permits the development of new innovative products and services that have a positive impact on society, an economic return on public investments in R + D + i, and a competitiveness in the national business environment.

The Technology Transfer Unit, Andalusian Public Foundation for the Management of Health Research in Seville (TTU FISEVI), in coordination with the TTU SSPA aims to:

  • Identify intangible results of research conducted within their jurisdiction.
  • Assistance with the identification, protection and transfer of research results.
  • Develop a permanent and strategic contact with the business sector to seek agreements and synergies both in obtaining resources for project development as well as in utilization of the knowledge generated.
  • Provide legal assistance for the correct formalization of partnerships and technology use, among others.
  • Support and encourage entrepreneurial activities and the creation of spin-off companies.


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